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How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?

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“How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?” is a memorable quote uttered from the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Online, a screencapture of the line being said has been used as a joke about having to repeat something over and over again. In this post, I’ll be sharing a few examples of how that joke can be turned into a powerful business idea.

The U.S. premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants' "The Bully" took place on October 5th, 2001. [1] Flats the Flounder, a new character introduced in the episode, taunts SpongeBob. When SpongeBob is fleeing the bully's threats, an outraged mob mistakenly believes an elderly guy to be the aggressor. In the event that this occurs a second time, Harold Reginald asks, "How many times do we need to teach you the same lesson, old man?"


"How Many Times Do We Have To Teach You This Lesson, Old Man? (Original Scene)" was released by YouTuber[2] Avromps1999 on August 9th, 2013. Over the course of seven years, the post attracted more than 1.2 million views.

"When the enemy 76 keeps believing he can 1v6 simply because his ult is up. 'How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?'" They responded to the message by attaching a screenshot. After about two years, the post has more than 1,400 likes and over 500 retweets (shown below, center).

 "when a game makes you battle the same boss three times." More than 60,000 notes were left on the post over the course of two years (shown below, right).

Why do you insist on us having to repeat ourselves so often, old man?" One minute and 39 seconds after 1:39 PM on 11 March 2016, Adaptation Line for Animated Species of Plants How many times do we have to tell you, old guy, that you can't 1v6 since your ult is active?" Time now is 3:11:51 pm On the 23rd of February, 2017. "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?" An illustration of a water-based text and organisms.


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