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How To Use More Cores for Minecraft?

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Do you have a Minecraft account? Would you like it to utilise more cores on your computer? If that's the case, this is the post for you! We'll go through some tips on how to make Minecraft utilise more cores in this blog article.

These suggestions are simple, and anyone with a basic understanding of computers should be able to implement them successfully.

Using all of your CPU's cores is one approach to make Minecraft operate more smoothly for you.

When playing Minecraft, this blog post will show you how to modify your operating system to utilise more of your CPU's cores.

This implies that if one core is engaged with something else, another will take over and handle some of the game's graphical work.

What Is Minecraft?

Markus "Notch" Persson, a Swedish programmer, created the adventure game Minecraft.

Minecraft is a fantastic game that is similar to Legos. It's a block and cube game in which the player must navigate their way through a world of various materials in order to reach the conclusion and beat the game. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make it out alive and back home.

Why Do You Need to Make Minecraft Use More Cores?

Minecraft requires additional cores because it is a resource-intensive game. It consumes a lot of memory and CPU, therefore using more than one core makes sense if you want this game to run smoothly. Minecraft additionally requires more cores due to the fact that it is hard-coded to use only one core.

How To Make Minecraft Use More Cores?

There are generally a few ways to make Minecraft use more cores.

Method 1:

By following the methods below, the player can make Minecraft utilise additional cores:

1. First, check sure your device fulfils the Minecraft system requirements and that you have enough RAM.

2. Next, check sure Minecraft is running on the most recent version of Java.

3. Download the most recent version of Oracle Java 8 JRE for Windows users.

4. If you're a Mac user, go to Apple Software Update and make sure you're up to date on all of the newest software updates!

5. Once you've completed those steps, it's time to download a modpack containing as many modules as possible. The FTB Launcher currently has two popular options: “FTB Infinity Lite” and “Project Ozone Lite.”

6. Make a new profile in the Minecraft launcher for that modpack after you've downloaded and installed it. Run Minecraft with this new profile at least once to allow it to produce the files needed for your device to support multiple cores.

7. Then, if you're using Windows, open Task Manager, or if you're using Mac OS X, Activity Monitor. If you don't know how, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time, or Command+Option+Escape if you're using Mac OS X.

6. Create a new profile in the Minecraft launcher for that modpack after you've downloaded and installed it. Run Minecraft with this new profile at least once to allow it to produce the files necessary for your device to utilise multiple cores.

7. Then, if you're on Windows, open Task Manager, or if you're on Mac OS X, Activity Monitor. If you're using Mac OS X, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time.

Method 2 Fix Minecraft Lag:

For gamers that have a multi-core computer and want to increase the number of cores used in Minecraft. Users should follow these procedures to make Minecraft run on multiple cores:

Make adjustments to your system settings using the second technique.

– Select Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings from the drop-down menu.

– Under the Performance option, select “Settings.”

– Go to the Advanced tab and check the box next to "Adjust for optimal performance." Apply should be selected.

In Windows, The Player can make Minecraft use more cores by going to the following steps:

Go to Library > Right-click on Minecraft > Settings in Steam.

Here, you can increase the amount of memory used by Mojang's Java properties, allowing it to leverage more cores.

Setting Xms to equal your system ram and making Xmx resemble an even greater figure than what you have in Xms (Ex.: 4400 MB) is recommended for best FPS, but make sure not to exceed 8192 MB or java will crash.

To make Minecraft use more cores, change the line “Malloc=256m” to  (For example, Malloc=1024m).

If you're still having problems with Minecraft, take a look at our guide on how to make it use the GPU. This should, hopefully, improve your game experience.

How Many CPU Cores Can Minecraft Use?

Minecraft can use up to 2 CPU cores. The number of cores that Minecraft can make use of depending on which version it is. The original release has the lowest cap at 1, while 1.3+ and the newest releases have a higher chance of plugin more cores.


Minecraft is a free-to-play game with no set objectives other than surviving and exploring the planet. You can play in creative mode or on a survival server, where you must adhere to certain regulations.

If you're playing in survival mode, your character's hunger bar will slowly diminish until it reaches zero, at which point your health will begin to deteriorate as well.

One approach for gamers to avoid this issue is to ensure that their Minecraft employs multiple cores to provide enough CPU power for things like crafting and mining when needed.

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