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Call of Duty Mobile Hack Script

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Call of Duty Mobile Hack Script

Call of Duty: Mobile was a popular game, particularly in India, where PUBG is prohibited. In 2019 TiMi studios produced a mobile version and made a turnover of around 327 million dollars in the United States alone in six months.
In addition, people have turned to video games to make use of their idle time as the epidemic cove-19 took across the planet. Statistics indicate that the number of mobile games downloaded globally is increasing significantly. However, it doesn't have to share all the players with the same time and patience, therefore hacks and cheats participate in this field. Today, we'll examine some hacks for Call of Duty: Mobile.

How to Use Call of Duty Mobile hacks?

It is rather simple to use the hack in Call of Duty Mobile, but remember that if you are detected, you may always be prohibited from playing, or anybody else reports. Some procedures on Android devices work here but as iOS is a shutdown system, hacks on iPhone or iPad cannot be used.

The Call of Duty Hack pack should first be downloaded. After download, all necessary files from below follow these steps

  • If your device is non-rooted install virtual space and add all hack application in Virtual Space.
  • Now Open Host Loader and Select Host file
  • After installing Game Gaurdian you must add game gaurdian in virtual space.
  • Now open Call of Duty Mobile in Virtual space if non rooted else direct open Call of duty. You must load host in Host Loader before starting Call of Duty mobile Hack. Now Open Game Gaurdian and Select game and Open Script. Now you use any hack for Call of Duty of Mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile ESP Hack :

After successful release of Pubg Mobile ESP hack now you can also download the Call of Duty Mobile ESP hack to get the benefit of the hack.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack Features

It contains all necessary hack for Call of duty Mobile 

Game Guardian 


Virtual Host for Call Of Duty:

Virtual Hosts.apk

Virtual Space for Non root Mobiles :

virtual box.apk

Bypass Host for Call of Duty :

Codm Host File.txt

Call of duty hack Download:

💸 CODM SCRIPT [ 20$ ].luaEnc.lua

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