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PUBG New State Update Download

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New Update is now available for Pubg Mobile game, the The PUBG Mobile New state has been announced to release soon. PUBG: New State is a modernization of the famous royal shooter battle that came into existence in 2051. The new mobile game is being developed by PUBG Studio, the original creator of PUBG, which is available on computers and consoles. The game is now available for pre-registration in the Google Play store.

The most obvious question is – will it be launched in India? Even if the game is currently listed in the Google Play Store for pre-registration, it will still not be available to Indians, probably because PUBG Mobile is currently prohibited. Previous attempts to launch a dedicated Indian game called PUBG Mobile India failed, with the Ministry of Electronics and IT  firmly committed to baning mobile games that are closely linked to PUBG. That said, no major Chinese entities appear to be involved in this new game, so it is very likely that the game could be launched in India sometime in the future. Naturally at this time, this is only speculation.

PUBG: The New State looks like a new start to the original royal mobile battle game, with the 100-player lobby continuing. A new game trailer gives an insight into the brand new fight between Call of Duty and Apex Legends with a Cyberpunk 2077 dash. A trailer for the game is like a cross. The game includes enhanced graphics, arms and future-oriented technology. A map called Troi is present and some familiar vehicles with refurbished looks, new tactic devices, the famous cast iron skillet pan, of course can also be seen.

PUBG: New State royal battle game has already begun the pre-registration process. It offers exclusive pre-registration advantages. For pre-ordering, you can get a vehicle skin. For limited users, these Vehicle Skins are available. You can complete the pre-order process now if you want these skins.

The New State Royal Battle pre-registration option now applies to android users live. The pre-order option for IOS users will be lunch in the near future. Follow the guides below if you want to pre-order this game. Not all countries have the option of pre-registration. It is available for UAE, U.S. and other countries at the present time. The saddest thing is that there is no pre-registration option for India now. I anticipate it is coming soon for India.

Please read this step-by-step guide for PUBG pre-registration:

PUBG: New State For Android On Play Store How to Pre-register
Play Store & PUBG New State Search, please click here or
You will now find the option for pre-registration
Click the button Pre-registration and finish the pre-order process
PUBG: new IOS state. how to preorder
The PUBG New State pre-order for IOS users does not live currently. Click here to update the IOS pre-order availability.

New State APK Download PUBG
This game isn't currently available. This game you can just pre-order or register now. Google Play Store sends you a message, or instals it automatically when it is available on your phone. Following our Website every day, if you want to download PUBG New State APK.

2. How can this game be downloaded?
The Play Store & Apple App Store game can be downloaded when it comes out. The pre-ordering process began recently in this game.

Q. When is PUBG New State released? 
The anticipated date of release is April 2021 for the first week.

Q. Is this game for India?
We know that in India PUBG Mobile has been banned. But this game is expected to be available for India. The pre-registration option for India is not recently available.

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