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State of Decay 2 cheats Codes

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Infinite influence:

Go to an encounter and trade with allied parties. Bring any bullets with you. Sell the ballots to the enclave individually (press Y). When the bullets are sold, repurchase the stack and then sell the bullets individually from the enclave. Repeat as much as you want. If you sell them individually than in a stack, you gain more influence per bullet. You can buy the pile from the allies infinitely, sell it individually and buy it back for unlimited profit once again. You always earn more than you lose. However, each transaction only has an impact of about 10-20.

All four legacy objectives are achieved in one single play
This method enables you to achieve all four legacy goals in one community, rather than restart your community after completing each performance. Whilst all four types of leader still take time to complete their final missions, all 10 Plague Hearts will not have to be destroyed, or a community rebuilt every time. Fill out the steps below:

1. Destroy all 10 Hearts of the pestilence and begin heritage tasks. Once you arrive at the last stage, a message will appear stating that you will end your mission permanently.

2. To force autosave, choose "Not Yet" and then exit from the main menu. Note: For this trick to work, cloud saving is needed.

3. Come home and choose "yes" to start the legacy goal. 3.

4. Complete the task, then wait until you unlock the legacy goal. When it is done, press [Home] and scroll back to the left side menu, where you highlight State Of Decay 2. Click on [Options] and select the option "Manage Game & Add-ons."

5. Scan down and select your gamertag to the Saved Data option. To remove the local saved data, select "Delete saved data" and select "Delete from console." Note: Sometimes it has to be done twice, because the first time it's not always done properly. If your gamertag is no longer on "Save data" for the game, you'll know it worked correctly.

6. The game's going to end. Start the game again and you're supposed to sync the cloud data. You can then continue your community with the legacy goal that you have just achieved.

7. Now you can shoot the leader and choose a new leader for another legacy goal. 7. Fulfill the second legacy objective, then repeat the same file deletion save trick and proceed to three and four legacy goals.

You can achieve all four goals by following these steps without replaying them from the start. Much effort is still needed, but it makes all four endings and multiple achievements much easier. Instead of usually taking 8-15 hours, it takes about 2-3 hours to complete each legacy goal.

Blood cure Pest and samples of blood
An important aspect of maintaining high morality in State Of Decay 2 is the treatment and treatment of Blood Pest Infections in your camp. These can tyre up your personality and even turn it into a zombie if the Blood Plague cure doesn't come in good time. Make sure you have a healthcare or camp hospital and some blood samples in stock to prepare your camp for infections. These blood samples regularly decrease from red-eyed plague zombies. You should have a good amount available if you fight frequently. More blood samples are also available through medical devices or Pest Hearts destruction. If the plagued zombies (red eyes) bit your character, your plague metre will rise. You can only treat it with three plague samples at the infirmary at this stage of infection. The name is "Therapy of Infection." After too many zombies bite you, the plague metre will be filled, and the "pestilence treatment" is required for your character. This person will be turned into a zombie if this is not dealt with and you will lose him or her. To prevent this, go to your infirmary and seek "Prepare Pesticides" in the section on "Craft Medical Items." Use another character to make it and let it heal your infected character.

Tips to Start
Ten tips for starting the game are as follows:

1. For State of Decay 2 cheats Skilfully select your home base: your central hub is your home base. This is where you are building everything and where your community's survivors meet. While you usually choose the first Home Base, you are free to choose the following in the form of a storey objective. Only one home base can be set at a time and your previous base is destroyed when you decide for a second. Each Home Base offers different building slots – make sure that the slots offer everything you need. The "master" base of each map is the best of all the bases. This is easy to find, as it costs 3,500 influencing points each.

2. Resource: Resources for your success are important. You can find and use consumables and products, but there are also community resources. These are special resources because they are always in the form of a big sack which you carry on your back. Only one sac can be carried at a time, but your trunk can also be charged. The resources are directed towards your communities when you return these sacks to your home base. Enduring the safe and high moral quality of your community, you have enough food, medical supplies, and craft materials.

3. Are Valueful cars: A very valuable resource is a vehicle. You can travel long distances safely, avoid dangerous zombies, and during each race you can complete your trunk with plenty of supplies. Do not waste your repair kits and fuel in the game early, particularly on vehicles with little usefulness. Find the vehicles which have the most ability to use and make sure you always return to the Home Base with more resources than your last expedition cost.

4. Carefully Traveling to New Maps: While State Of Decay 2 includes three playable maps, they are not connected. The only map that you can explore for the community is the map you start on. If you leave the map on one road that leads to another area, your progress on your current map will be wiped completely out and you will start again in a new area.

5. Building a Custom Community: You have a choice of a few starting communities when you first begin the game. Any of these can work according to your playstyle and approach, but if you want more control, there is a little trick. Finish the tutorial with any of the pre-made communities – the tutorial is complete once your first home base has been occupied. Then go to 'Manage Communities' from the main menu. Choose a new community to have more options; you can skip the tutorial. This allows you to randomise three different survivors, including unique and exciting skills, to start your community continuously.

6. Be careful: All survivors have basic skills: combat, cardio, shooting, etc. But a slot for a final skill is also available. These skills are unique and can help your communities greatly. Some increase the rate of experience by up to 100%. Others open strong new fighting movements, and others enable you to build special facilities on your Home Base.

7. Survivors Switch: During their expeditions, your survivors can get exhausted or injured. This reduces their overall performance dramatically and significantly increases their chances of an accident seriously. Many items you can use to re-fill your strength, but the best way to make sure your survivors are well-formed is to remove them frequently. To switch to other members of your community, visit your home base beds.

8. Choose your Leader Smartly: your members can rank between Civilian and Hero as the community earns standing points. You can assign them as leaders after they reach the Hero rank, but select them with care. The game consists of four guys, and each of the four guys takes you on various storey targets. You can only replace them by exiles from your community once you have selected a leader. Make sure your leader is someone you're sure you want to stay with you for the rest of the game before you choose.

9. Don't waste your outposts: you can occupy outposts in addition to your home base. The slots are limited, and alongside your home base you can occupy up to six different outposts. Some of the advantages include additional beds, while others may provide valuable goods and items, such as free coffee, power supply and water. Take care that your community's resources are most lacking. Try to make up for this by finding outlets for that asset. They are supplied to your home base automatically every morning - so you need minimal maintenance.

10. Beware of the pestilence zombies: you can tell pestilence zombies as they are usually dark red aside from traditional zombies. They also cause blood plague damage in addition to the typical health damages that they inflict if they strike you. You become infected and will die if you do not cure it fast when you accumulate enough damage to the blood plague.

Further tips for State of Decay 2 cheats
16 advanced tips to help you faster and easier to finish the campaign:

1. Use Random Rolls For Rare Skills: If you saw the tutorial at the beginning of a new game, a number of three survivors could be re-roll. Try always to get 3 survivors with special skills — computers, chemical engineering, gardening and medicine in particular. Standard skills don't matter, because you can naturally upgrade them.

2. The best item: Decoys (particularly fire crackers) are the best item in the game. Bring with you always a few fire-crackers on every day. They are easy to create and cost-effective (10 workshop items), and help you to get out of deadly situations. If you are overwhelmed by zombies, throw fire crackers and run into your car.

3. Current enclaves only answer support calls: Once a base is set up, you will receive regular help calls. It can be hard to say who you are supposed to help. Only answer those calls if you have allied (or even neutral) enclaves on your map. It does not matter if you skip them, you can safely ignore random strangers' calls. They get cold and eventually hostile to you if you skip local enclave phone calls.

4. Random enclave calls and foreign employment Rucksacs give: if the survival of your rescue survivors or enclaves perform side trips, they usually drop a backpack after they stop following you. If you don't want to join your community. They say nothing to give — it will appear only on the ground. It will not appear. Don't miss it, please.

5. Bonus status impact Ally With Enclaves, survivors, and rapid influence: becoming friends with each local enclave is very helpful. When you become allies, special bonus status effects, such as extra storage and unique radio commands, are unlocked. More influence can also be gained through commerce or even helpful survivors. Speak to allied enclaves to recruit one of their members—the enclave will disappear, but if they have the skills you need it will be worth it.

6. Don't worry about clearing out infestations: the level of infestations on the map will always complain in your community. The effort to remove infestations is not really worthwhile. Only a little respect and influence will you gain and morality improve — but it is easy to counter the moral effects. Concentrate on resource collection and allies support. You can then consider clearing some infestations if you have nothing else to do.

7. Use the Radio to Locate All Pesticides Hearts on Every Survey site. To achieve the goal of Pest Hearts quickly, all Pest Hearts must be located. Usually, every map contains about 12 Pest Hearts. Slowly move from place to place and stop to scout the environment at all survey towers. You usually find hearts, but you can find it difficult to find a final heart. If so, use the radio and ask for a position for the Plague Heart.

8. Build Six Pipe/Soda Can Bombs To Destroy Pesticides: Pesticides are your main target for most of the game. You simply need a lot of explosives and a decoy or two to destroy them safely during your solo (including the weakest survivor). It can bring as many decoys and explosives as you can (a gun is also helpful). Just push a decoy out of the Plague Heart and run inside and get all the bombs you can into the heart.



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