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The new edition 2021 Mod Menu for Among us Hack is 100% free for your Android / Computer. There is a space themed game that involves the Crewmates and the Imposters. Four to ten individuals can take part in each round.

Among Us Mod APK:

What is APK Mod Menu? Why do you need APK with us? Why are you still looking for Hack Mod Menu ? Where can you download Among US hack version? 

Among Us Mobile Hack:

If you are playing among us android version then you can enjoy this mod menu among us hack. Mostly this among us mobile hack friendly you will not face any error after installing this mod menu or among us mobile hack.

What is Among US (Mod APK):

Among Us (Mod APK) is a very peculiar and unique game. The game between Crewmates and the Imposters is a space problem. Each round can include a group of four to ten players. All players in the game are given a map. The primary goal of the Crewmates is to execute all of the tasks on the chart and to delete all Imposters. On the other hand, it was the duty of Imposters to end all crewmates, destroy the structures in the game and trigger full chaos. You can say in other words, they're the true SOBs.

Any time a player loses life in the game, he/she takes the form of a fantasy instantly. The main advantage of the ghosts is that the other players are not able to see them. Yeah, they're becoming invisible. Only other ghosts will notice them. But you can see the ghosts even if you're not a Ghost using this special hack edition of Among Us Mod Menu APK.

Crewmates will either perform each role or complete their respective rounds by winning all Imposters. Otherwise, the choice to end the round will always be to leave the game.

Crewmates may use multiple tracking systems in order for Imposters to be detected. The players have no privilege to contact the other players via voice chat. But you can talk with each other with text.

If you wish to have Among us Mod ios for that you will have some application which will help in installing Among us from PC to Ios or iPad. Among us Ios Mod is also available but a major issue is its installation process.Then you can also enjoy same among us hack features as in android among us hack.

Players will go to the lobby to change the settings of the game. The lobby includes different styles of room clothes, skins, pets, and much more.

The voting choice is also available in the game, allowing other players to vote and exclude the selected player. You can schedule unlimited meetings with Hack version of Among us Mod APK.

Among Us MOD APK Features

No Killing Cooldown is Present.
Indeed the feature called Kill Cooldown or Elite Shield has been removed from Among us mod apk.

Among us Speed Hacks:

Among us speed hacks are really good, you can set your custom speed, you can also increase and decrease other people's speed in this game easily.

Ghosts can be seen.
Remember to pay attention to what we told you about Ghosts. They will be present in the mod apk version of Among Us. We can get them anytime. Moreover, you can also monitor computer usage.

Among Us enables the players to see other player's activities through any object or wall. This feature gives us a competitive advantage over normal competitors.

Instant Kill Hack
If you are an imposter, you could benefit yourself. Please use this tool to eliminate all other Crew members. As they are now, they will not know what hit them. They have no time to absorb and reflect on the given opportunity.

Lighting upgrade.
It doesn't matter whether the lights are on or off, we can still read things easily on it. Bottom line. You cannot hide from us.

Unlimited Lives.
You have been given unlimited skins, hats, and pets in the mod apk.

Unlimited coin.
You will get unlimited money from using the latest among us hack.

Proximity Chat.
Proximity chat mod allows you to chat with your friends and meet them by chatting with people who are nearby. This option makes this game more compelling and this will eliminate out emergency meetings.

How to Download Among Us Hack and Install Among Us Mod Menu Hack APK (All Unlocked)?

  • First of all uninstall the installed Among Us in your Device
  • Now go to the download link which is present at the bottom of this article
  • Now click on the download link and download the mod apk in your device
  • Now click on the downloaded Among us Mod APK Mod Menu and install the app in your device
  • Now open the app and Enjoy the hack features for free.

How To Hack In Among Us:

  • First, download Among us Hack from below
  • Then install Among us mod menu
  • Now Open the Game and wait
  • Wait till mod Menu Among us Appears
  • Activate among us hack menu you want

Using mod/hack version Among Us safe?

Sure it's absolutely safe to use Among us Mod Hack version.

Can Among Us Mod Menu Give Ban?

No Among Us Mod Game will not give you any sort of ban.

Among Us Hack Download || Among Us Mod Menu APK Download Link:

Among Us v2020.11.17 Mod Menu v1.apk


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