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Free Download Udemy Learn Hacking In Urdu Complete Course :

The Hacker: Learn Hacking in Urdu Course has many advantages. You will become a competent ethical hacker through this course.

Professor Naeem Hussain delivered this lecture. The score was really high, 98 out of 100. Around 223,363 users have registered for this course, so take action now to free yours. This course includes video lectures, full life access, mobile device access, TV access and a completion certificate.

In the course of this, the following are covered.
After completing this course, you will know more about Ethical Hacking.

You’re good enough in Hacking with this book.

You will read about harsh hacking in this guide. A full guide for advanced information security practitioners on ethical hacking. This course is about safeguarding your business. That helps you become an Ethical Hacker certified (CEH).

What’s the way forward?

  • Get to know FootPrinting.
  • Scanning network.
  • Comptability
  • Hacking. Hacking. Hacking.
  • Threats of malice
  • The honeycomb.
  • Social handling. Social exploitation.
  • Hijacking Session.
  • Online server attack. Attack.
  • Attacking DOS.
  • Injections with SQL.
  • Networks of hacking.
  • Phones hacking.
  • Online pages hacking.
  • IDS prevention.
  • Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing.
  • Earthquake (What is Encryption and Decryption)
  • Finalization
  • Overview of the work.

You can find details about footprint and network scanning (Find out detail of active host and Its IP address, and Port number). Comptability (Collect information of any operating System like Username, account information and other). This course will provide students with knowledge about malware, sniffing, software hacking, Web server, mobile platforms and networks. This course has good luck. Good luck. Luck’s finest.

You will also get Auto Translated how to learn hacking in urdu in other Languages

Download Learn Hacking In Urdu Course:

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