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Pubg Leak

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Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted & Non-Rooted

If you are getting 10 min Ban try to use Antban Sh from libs file

Non rooted are less safe than Rooted

VPN + InApp Donation :


Download Host: 

Groot-Host_V 19.1 [DnS2.0] .txt

Join Your telegram for Instant Update:


Other Links :

GFX Tool:




Virtual Space:






How To use :

1. Downlaod VPN.

2.Select Host with app.

For Non Rooted:

3.Open Virtual Space

4. Open GG

5. Open PUBG and Enjoy

For Rooted:

3. Open GG

4. Open PUBG and Enjoy

Note : Don't Forget To hide GG within app.




Credit: @MRGroot

Edited by Mr Noob

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У меня redmi note 4x рут есть   постоянно получаю бан от 10 мин до 10 лет. Хотя использую только антенну. У кого то есть решение по поводу этого?

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1 hour ago, Fazli said:

Why the gfx tool is needed

Gfx tool is used to unlock extreme fps while id Changer if used to changer any Appid to use multiple guest acc for test purpose

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6 hours ago, Aman rai said:

What am i doing wrong?? Please help me.


Kindly Hide Game from Game Guardian select v2,3,4

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