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Your favourite title on ANDROID! That to for FREE!

✪ Mod and Features ✪
1. Download for free
2. Menu cheat/cleo hacks
  1. Download the Rar and Apk files to your Android device.
  2. Extract the zip file to your SDCARD.
  3. In your mobile device menu, select Settings – Applications – Unknown sources (should be activated)
  4. Uninstall original the market version of the game app data on your android device and restart your device.
  5. Move the extracted folder (with Obb file) to the location: / SDCARD / ANDROID / OBB 
  6. Install Modded Apk file and Play


Download APK

Download OBB


What more can should you know about GTA  Mobile

During a given heist, players will need to constantly switch between characters as soon as the need arises, causing spectacular set pieces that feel as though they're ripped from some of the truly amazing heist movies. More frequently than not, you'll want to team up with different players to complete missions and quests. If you're a normal player, on the flip side, you will need to return. In addition, you can execute and kill unique players on the net.

Today is the day you will find how to enjoy GTA  APK on your very own phone and tablet. This game is available on our website and we have been the leading provider of several game ports from platforms such as PlayStation, XBOX and PC. This specific game is a port of the same version that appeared on PC and is a complete and up to date version of the game.

Before we show you the upsides of playning GTA  Android, let us focus on the whole gameplay. Even though the game is a complete 1:1 port of the PC version, it will be scaled down but the screen proportions will be the same as PC to keep the best possible graphical effects. In this version of GTA  Mobile you can enter the third person point of view which is incredibly convenient if you use VR tools. Also, in GTA  Android APK you can install various mods that will be shortly published on our websites. It is fully compatible with every phone and tablet running Android and iOS operating systems.

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