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Pubg Mobile 1.0 No Grass Mod

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Pubg Mobile 1.0 No Grass Mod

What is no Grass MOD:

In no grass Mod there will be grass in your map it may be Erangle , Sanhok or Livik you will not see a single grass texture .

All grass on map will be gone .No grass PUBG Mobile 1.0 mod is one in which the texture of grass is removed from the game, giving a player an unfair advantage. Players using the grass to hide or camp can be easily seen in the open due to the removal of grass. This is illegal to use and any such usage will lead to a permanent ban by Tencent Gaming.

It was alleged that the no grass mod worked perfectly before the 1.0 update. But now after the said update, the PAK files for the textures have been updated. 

This update of the texture PAK patched the no grass mode, and the mod version of the game doesn't work now at all. Tencent Gaming is taking active steps to reduce hackers in the community ahead of several other game developers who are struggling to control the cheating epidemic.

There are many videos on various platforms which show that the mod file works perfectly. But most of them are not real, or the mod is being run on the older version of PUBG Mobile.

Is it legal to use the mod files:

The use of the mod files is an unethical way of gaining an unfair advantage over others and hence is illegal. Any such use of the edited game file is not allowed in PUBG Mobile. It can lead to a permanent ban by Tencent Gaming who has a zero-tolerance policy against any hacks or mods to get an unfair advantage.

Can we Use This Mod On Main ID:

We would never recommend to use any sort of hack on Main ID . Hack is never been safe TOP player in the leader board of PUBG Mobile have got  ban many .

So use this mod at your own risk

What if NO grass is Not Working:

No grass is created for each season many time and maybe patched any time by PUBG Mobile Corporation .

They have high standard team to solve their issue so If hack is not working be patient for update .



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