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Pubg  Mobile v0.19 Injector v1.1

Update Free Injector For Public :
✓ Add Fiture {Beta-Test} For Wallhack All Snapdragon {Training}
✓ Add Fiture Black Color For All Device {Working}
✓ And Color For Other Snapdragon New Offset

Intro To Pubg Mobile Hacks Injector:

Why to Hack Pubg Mobile

  1. PUBG Mobile Hack App Features: – Autoaim – Unlimited Battle Points (BP) – 100% Safe (Anti-ban system) – Easy to use – APK file working on all Android versions – No need to root!
  2. PUBG Mobile Hack – Wall HackAimbotSpeed Hack and More
  3. PUBG Mobile Wallhack
  4.  PUBG Mobile Aimbot
  5. PUBG Mobile Location/ESP Hack
  6. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack
  7.  PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack
  8. PUBG Mobile Flying/Floating Vehicle Hack
  9. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is one of the best selling games in the world today with over 60 million copies sold and having more than 85 million daily players. In the Game Industry, PUBG has played a vital role and the craze of playing PUBG among the kids and the youth is increasing day by day. If you are a player of PUBG then you must know the reward that you win as Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD). As the PUBG is getting more popular hackers are also looking to exploit the game features and PUBG Mobile hack is always a danger for PUBG players. Whether you are using android or IOS, hackers know the PUBG Mobile hack android and also PUBG Mobile hack IOS.

PUBG mobile game is considered to be a very famous game, in 2020 most people like to play it and it is found on the phone of all of you.
However, as its difficulties grow, people find an easy chance to overcome this game to win this game.
In such a situation, Pubg Mobile Hack becomes a very easy teacher to People who want to win this game comfortably and have winner winner chicken dinner.


Which types of hack possible

  • Wallhack PUBG Mobile hack
  • PUBG Mobile hack Automatic Headshots of other players
  • Change Body Colors PUBG Mobile hack
  • PUBG Mobile hack Anti-Ban Feature
  • Speed-Shots PUBG Mobile hack
  • PUBG Mobile hack No Footprints
  • High Damage of enemies PUBG Mobile hack
  • Hack PUBG Mobile

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Fix Third Party Ban:

Virtual SPace:




Credit : @Channel_Fairly 

Username : CFairly
Password : -



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