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How to Unlock 90 fps in PUBG MOBILE

Root required to unlock 90 fps.

Magisk must be Installed to execute module

How to Unlock:

Step 1




Step 2:



MAGISK Xtreme_grafik_PUBG.zip

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll probably agree that PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) mobile game is one of the most played games in mobile devices. PUBG has recorded about 400 million players around the globe. The game allows players to tweak different options in their gaming settings, including fps limits and graphics.

In the current version of the game, you can increase your fps to 90fps and explore the game with advanced Ultra and HDR settings. To help you understand the game a little better, let’s break its terms down and learn how you can enable it to maximize 90fps. Here we go:

Meaning of FPS in PUBG

If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering what this fantastic game means when you see the term fps. Simply put, fps means frames per second. You use this term to measure the number of consecutive, full-screen images displayed in each second you’re actively playing. Fps is mostly used in measuring the game’s frame rate that is used explicitly in measuring video games’ performances.

Enabling PUBG Mobile to Maximize 90fps

Since PUBG is a graphic and intense, your experience can depend on the device hardware you’re using. This means that the game’s graphic definition of the gameplay is based on the hardware of your mobile device. PUBG default setting comes with its mobile app, automatically defining the game’s graphics of your gameplay based on the mobile’s hardware capabilities.

Based on your device’s hardware capabilities, you have the opportunity to set graphics to HDR and also set your game’s frame rate to high fps.  If you’re just getting started, you can practice the game’s most fluid gameplay option that is played at 60fps before you get started playing at 90fps, which is a bit complicated.  You can change the fps rate by unlocking the game’s revered extreme frame rate mode.

If you wanted to play PUBG Mobile at a frame rate higher than 60fps, it was a bit tricky. You either needed to live in China or download the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile (well, it’s actually called Game for Peace), plus you needed a phone with a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate. Now, Tencent Games is finally adding support for 90fps in the US and other countries, but you’ll need to wait a month unless you have some specific OnePlus phones.


After the timed exclusivity deal expires on September 7th, Tencent said that any PUBG Mobile player with any smartphone that supports a higher frame rate can enable 90fps as an option. Meaning Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Asus ROG Phone II, and the Razer Phone 2 should have access. Don’t expect any iPhone to run the game at 90fps because iPhone screens are still stuck at 60Hz, but the 120Hz iPad Pro could support the feature.

OnePlus announced a similar partnership with Epic Games in May, allowing its phones from the 8 series to run Fortnite at 90fps. However, enabling a higher frame rate on Fortnite for either the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro will lower the default graphical settings to “Low,” as noted by GameSpot. Tencent has not said whether a 90fps in PUBG Mobile will reduce the graphical fidelity, though another factor might be what type of processing power each phone contains — the Samsung Galaxy S20 has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip as the OnePlus 8, while the forthcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a slightly faster Snapdragon 865 Plus processor.

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