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Fix Third Party Ban Solution For PUBG Mobile

What is Third Party Ban:

Third party Ban is mostly given by Pubg Mobile Security System . We found the perfect solution to it to avoid such Ban,

While some people says that it can also be fixed by following method in IOS :

Always first test with alteast 3-4 games on guest account.....this method fixes the third party ban...but jailbreak detection ban you use kernbypass and you can use kernbypass reboot fix and if you do resprings after icleaner then do the command once again....it lower the chance of getting 10 min ban

right now there are two type of ban

1-third party ban (install from appstore or playstore ban)

fix -  any 1 of this fix it will work 100% for most device 

        1- rename the all three istec dylib files

        2- install from other package manager (zebra or installer)

        3- install the istec deb downloaded from ss github 

 2- 10 min ban data error (50-50 chances you will get )

fix- use less aimbot and kill lower 

       use kernbypass with kernbypass reboot fix this just increases the chances of not getting ban

many people playing without ban....

Our Method for Android :

We will suggest you to use Host for that which will stop or deny all the connection which are causing Third Party ban  You can find your own host by finding those connection ip/Url or you can easily download our host and avoid third Party Ban.


[ Fix 3rd Party ].txt




 Features of VPN:

Vpn Hosts app helping developers customized hosts(/system/etc/hosts) File on no root android devices.

This app can be used to block application hosts you can use your own IP
The Virtual Hosts app can also be used to do block ads.(as ad blocker)
No more root Need To Block Ads Just Use this .

= new feature: 
= support down hosts file from net , can explore this feature by : 
= 1, Long click the select hosts file button. 
= 2, Enter your url and click the download button. 
= 3,Click the radio button from network, then click confirm button. 
= 4, Click the big start button for test. 
= 5,Enjoy it. 
========================================================== ===

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