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Tencent gaming buddy is the best

Yes best emulator is Tencent Gaming Buddy but It’s Not the best thing to play pubg mobile. Best thing to play Pubg Mobile on PC is PHOENIX OS.

Some Android OS :

  • Prime OS
  • Pheonix OS
  • Android x86
  • Openthos
  • Bliss OS

Some Other Emulator Which You can test are:

  • MEMU Emulator 
  • GAGA Emulator
  • Blue Stack
  • Nox Emulator
  • KO Emulator


Tencent gaming buddy only runs pubg mobile and the game is lagfree. No hiccups at all. Only catch it tencent gaming buddy knows that you are using an emulator and pairs you only with people who are using an emulator. So, thats really balances everything. But its fun to play.

Tencent gaming have officially released the first public beta version of Gaming buddy which is a mobile emulator to play PUBG on PC. The controls and settings are specially optimized to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Follow the below steps to get PUBG for PC.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC?

So first you need to download Tencent Gaming Buddy from this link – https://syzs.qq.com/en/

Once downloaded, install it on your computer.

After the emulator is downloaded it will start downloading the game.

Once the game is downloaded, simply sign up using your existing social media account and you will be able to enjoy PUBG on your PC.

As this an emulated version so it can be played on a lower specs PC. But you may want to switch to low graphics if you face any frame lags.

For Low End PC Phoenix OS (Android Based OS)

Best tencent gaming buddy alternative to play PUBG mobile with HD graphics on low end PC even 4 GB RAM is enough.

Since Tencent gaming buddy is an emulator it uses much resources, also Windows is running in the background, so there is very less resource available for the emulator.

Phoenix OS on the other side is an android based OS, since Windows is not running in the background the performance is much better as it can use all the resources available.

If you are getting 20-25 fps in tencent gaming buddy then you can easily get 50-60 fps in this emulator.

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