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Found 10 results

  1. Pubg Mobile India 1.4.1 MOD APK ESP+ FOV AIMBOT Pubg mobile India hack android with complete setup files. Get Mod apk for PUBG India and have all necessary features required for hack. Pubg India Mod Apk includes less recoil, Aimbot , esp and all necessary features required for Pubg rank push. As Pubg Mobile india is released for Indian official so you can not use any previous hack app for Pubg Mobile india it will requires all new values. In this mod apk for Pubg india have all updated features for android. Most of question peoples ask for this mod apk PUBG india are as. Is this Pubg India MOD APK work on NON Root: Yes, sure this mod apk Pubg India surely work on non root device for android. How to use Mod APK Pubg INDIA: Its so simple download both apk and obb for Pubg and from below. Then first delete if you have any previous version of Pubg Mobile india other else this mod apk will not be installed. After installation paste obb folder in android/obb/com.tencent.pubgindia Allow required permission on opening Pubg Mobile India. You can now enjoy PUBG India Hack free Password: byjairath Pubg India Mod Apk Download: APK Pubg 32bit OBB for Android: OBB
  2. PUBG Mod Data APK About PUBG Mobile Mod Data Tool: PUBG Mobile Mod Data tool contains safe hack feature for season S16 . Only use this Mod data in PUBG Mobile S16 only. It will not support other season . Features in PUBG Mobile Mod Data Tool: This mod Data tool contains some of hack feature that will help to assist in aiming and increasing bullet damage . It contains no Fog feature which will remove fog from the map . This PUBG Mobile Mod have iPad view feature which will make view of your mobile screen as iPad which will help a lot in viewing enemy. Magic Bullet feature also available in PUBG Mobile Mod Data Tool which will help in killing enemies if you fire on enemy on little far from him it will hit them and damage will be occured . Support by PUBG Mobile Mod Data Tool : This PUBG Mobile Mod data Supports all versions. Global version Korean version Taiwan Version Download Mod APK Tool: KING MAIN ID TOOL.apk
  3. Pubg Mobile Antiban DATA MOD Preview: Features: Head Shot High Damage Where to Paste: -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!- 🔹Path Active.sav & Cached.sav: Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/SaveGames Download: High Damage - V2.zip
  4. New Big Update Mod-Tool V3 -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! Support All Version Pubg Mobile ! GL | KR | TW | VN | LITE -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! M1: RAM 2 - 90Fps M2: RAM 3 - 90Fps M3: RAM 4 - 90Fps M4: RAM 6 - 90Fps -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! All Config have HEADSHOT | LESS RECOIL and AIM BOT ! -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! 🔹Note:- Some People maybe Got Database Error in Mod-Tool , So Use Just NextDns ! -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! Credential: 🔹Username:- mod_data 🔹Key:- mod-tool_2aom1psf620 -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! Safe For Main id Beacuse Not Hack Or Risk of Any Ban ! -!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--!--! Credit:- @Mod_Data Download: Mőď-Tôóĺ ³_1.3R_.apk
  5. Pubg mobile Mod Apk 1.0 Features in Pubg Mobile Mod: It contain less recoil , Aimbot 20%, Headshot . Less Recoil: PUBG Mobile has a variety of weapon categories, ranging from Pistols to Sniper Rifles. Players usually consider various factors before choosing the best gun for themselves. An essential factor for selecting weapons in the game is recoil control. Players try to pick weapons that have low recoil and high accuracy. In this article, we discuss all the guns that have a low recoil in PUBG Mobile. Recoil is the backward movement of a gun when it is fired. A look at the guns that are best suited for mid-range accurate sprays in PUBG Mobile. Aimbot: Automatic aiming bots and apps are used to target the aim automatically and shoot for if you press down the button. It is one of the best hacks available for PUBG mobile and very rare to see as it is quite complicated to implement. Many of the automatic aimbots for both android and IOS games are available in the form of increased aim assist. In this method, the code for aim & shoot is injected into PUBG game at client side or user side. The “code” is accessible in the form of increased aim assist for most Android & iOS games. Aimbots are only detectable by the anti-cheat programs launched by PUBG creators where the game is hosted. If any other player report about it, you will instantly get banned. Head Shot: Free Fire Headshot Hack - Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Pubg new hack s13 works on many platforms, such as all Windows and MAC OS, latest iOS and Android platforms. Even PUBG Mobile Developers are working on this script to detect, because even if you use the No recoil script then think you can use AKM with no Recoil. Why our Pubg Hacks are aka pubg private hack. PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack for IOS: No recoil, boss this is the only one hack that has not been detected by PUBG Mobile servers. Speed Hack Download PUBG Mobile MOD Apk 0.19.0 Unlimited Hack & Obb Data. The pubg private hack is the perfect survival hack that a player needs. You can get rid of 6 hours playing the rule of developers. AIM Hack means you can easily target and find the enemy and you can kill Enemy by One Headshot. Mostly it is the most common hack which PUBG hackers use to kill other enemies with headshots. Moreover, the Free Fire hack tool of APK also gives you aim-hack, wall-hack, and headshot skills. There can be situations that bog the players down; however, once you download the free pubg hacks, all the issues of being in the game can be handled. This is the Power of AIM Hack. PUBG Mobile Auto-Headshot Hack (Magic Kill) Did you ever notice that a player always kill the other enemies with the chance of 100% headshot? AimBot Free Fire Hack: This version is for IOS and Android both has Aimbot Scripts. Thanks to the pubg speed hack that can help the players to get these at ease. Well, those players use Auto-headshot hack in the background. PUBG Mobile AIM Hack. Always be on the lookout if hack providers are the real deal, and also never download free pubg cheats from a forum. PUBG Mobile AIM Hack is the most popular feature of this Mod APK. So today i will show you how to hack PUBG mobile Hack Without Root 2020 . No Root Pubg Mobile Hack Season 11 Auto Headshot Magic Bullet No Recoil And Wall Hack/Colour Hack Anti Banned 2020 Aok/Obb pubg mobile Legit or rage hacking – why not both? Similar to PUBG Mobile hack, when you activate this Script then you will find your Aim is going to headshot each time. The PubG Mobile Hack Latest variant isn’t accessible on Google Play Store and Apple Store. This PUBG Mobile Mod APK lets you avail of the advantages of all the features, including anti-ban, and you can play the game without worrying about a single thing. It has many beneficial features like Purple Body, Shooting Range Increased, Aim Assist, and No Recoil. Gameplay: The game can be played as a guest or you can play from your own account with your regular progress being saved. The game starts with 100 players in which every player will select a map of the island where he wishes to play. The map include islands of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. After choosing the map, the players will be given parachutes to reach the selected area. The player will push jump button and glide towards the land. The game begins with providing no weapons to any of the player. The players will search the area for weapons and get themselves armed for killing the enemies. The player or the team which will survive in the last would win the round and will be promoted to the next stage. The Safe Zone: The safe zones comprise of the areas on the islands where the players will be safe with less or no enemies. In the beginning of the game, the safe zone is quite large to ease the difficulty level for the player and his team but later on, as the game proceeds, the safe zone will get smaller increasing the risk of getting killed or attacked by the enemy. The players will also encounter bombardment in safe zone and they will have to leave the safe zone to survive the attacks. The safe zone will not remain same for each match rather it will be changed to create more challenging experience for the players. The players will need to find the safe zone as soon as possible and grab weapons to survive and win. Single And Multiplayer Mode: The game can be played in single mode where you will have no team or squad to protect you and if you get killed by a headshot, you will eventually lose the round as no other player will revive you. However, in case of multiplayer mode, you can play in duo i.e. group of 2 and also in a squad i.e. the group of 4 players. The other players in your squad or duo can be your friends and you will need to send them a request and they will accept the request to join in. in case of no friends, other players from the game will be made as your group members. The benefit of playing in duo or squad is that your squad members or your partner in duo will be able to revive you in case you gets shot by any player. Moreover, it also allows you to cover more ground and attack larger number of enemies with the help of your squad. Features Of PUBG Mobile Mod APK: The mod version of PUBG proposes many modified features for upgrading the videogame which include Unlimited UC, Unlimited Battle points, Wall hack feature, Automatic aiming the enemy, unlocking all skins feature, No recoiling feature, Rapid fire abilities, No fog feature, Security and Anti-banning feature, Easy to use, No rooting feature and direct installing in every android device. Wallhack feature: This feature of PUBG app allows the players to see and locate the enemies through the wall or solid objects such as cars, trees, etc. It also helps the players to locate their target enemies on the map. It can be compared with an Aimbot but in case of Aimbot, there are more chances of getting noticed and killed by the enemy. However, while using the Wall hack, the player has to play it smart and try not to shot the enemy across the wall as in such case, the player would get noticed that he is using a hack and might get reported from other players for using a shortcut hack. Unlimited UC: UC stands for “Unlimited Cash” and only this currency is used in the game for buying the cosmetics and skins that you wish. In the original version of PUBG, the only way to earn UC is to pay with the real money but in the PUBG Mod APK this feature has been upgraded and now it offers unlimited UC to the players in no time. The players can have unlimited supply of UC for buying the stuff inside the game including cosmetics, skins and outfits. Unlimited BP: BP stands for Battle Points. It is the currency which is used in the PUBG game and is gained y the player at the end of the match. The amount of BP currency depends upon the performance of a player in the match. The greater number of kills, the larger the BP, the longer the player stays in the game, the higher the amount of BP points, the more damage the player does to the enemy in the match, the more amount of BP points he will get. Those BP currency can be used by the player to improve his appearance, cosmetics, hair color, skin color and outfits. A PUBG mobile hack is a hack in which you can get unlimited Battle Points. Aimbot Aimbot is the feature of video games in which the automatic shooting is done to kill the targeted enemies. It automatically spots the enemies and kills them. But in order to avoid getting noticed or reported, Aimbot does not shoots the enemies through a wall and a building. The feature of Aimbot only works for guns not for grenades and other weapons. But the player has to be careful about ammo as infinite ammo is not provided. Rather, the players have to find the weapons and ammo itself. The player has to use ammo with care so that the enemies get killed with less loss of ammo and weapons. The PUBG Mod APK has updated the feature and the player will no more be noticed by the other players and the developers. Unlocking of PUBG skins: The PUBG Mobile Mod APK has upgraded the feature by unlocking of different weapon skins and players skin by using unlimited UC and BP. The currency can be earned after going through different matches and unlimited battle points are provided at the end of the match. Those points can buy variety of skins and weapons which include THE OLIVE BRANCH-PAN, SHARK BITE-KAR98K, GOLD PLATE-S686, GLORY-AKM, TURQUOISE DELIGHT-KAR98K, GOLD PLATE-AKM, TURQUOISE DELIGHT-M16A4, SHARK BITE-M16A4, GLORY-UMP9, GOLD PLATE-S12K. This feature also allows the player to change and adopt different and variable clothing skins to impress other players and the enemies. Those clothing skins include MILITARY SKIRT(BLACK), SCHOOL SKIRT, CLOTH MASK (LEOPARD), CLOTH MASK(CHECKERED), ZEST CHECKERED SKIRT, PLEATED MINI-SKIRT(BLUE), MINI-SKIRT (PURPLE), FRINGED HOTPANTS. PUBG Mobile Feature: PUBG Mobile offers many features which add to its popularity worldwide. These features include battle integration, the dead tem members can be revived, customization of weapon and character, color blind support, best shots for better targets, joining of disconnected matches, picking up helmets, vests and suits, etc. The game also offers vehicles such as motorcycles, vans and many more. It also provides ammo and aimed equipment. To avoid gas poison damage to the player, the player is offered the gas mask which can be brought from the storage stores. PUBG Mobile Hack: In order to score good and win every match with the leading score and gaining more battle points and unlimited cash, the player can also use the PUBG Mobile Hack which is a hacking technique. It allows the player to remove the fog, grass and buildings that create obstacle for the players and make them lose their targets. This hack would make those hurdles disappear making it easy for the player to locate and kill the target enemy with clarity and without losing ammo. This hack cannot be located or reported by the developers, therefore, it is safe to use. Final Wording We’ve all heard about the game PUBG Mobile Mod Apk which is famous all around the world because of how amazing it is. It a strategy and action game which gives one a very exciting experience for example users get to play with 100 players at a given time in an open battlefield where they get to kill each other. In order to keep themselves safe, users are provided with different weapons and vehicles which which help them stay away from their enemies and also kill them. Moreover, the graphics of the game are so amazing that they the user feel like they’re actually playing the PUBG Mobile Mod Apk for real. You can now also play this challenging game with your friend . How cool! Download: Download User Name : oblivion Password: mod Note : Don't use main Account and we never recommend to use.
  6. Pubg Mobile 1.0 Hack Modded Data No Ban About Pubg Mobile Hack: PUBG(Player Unknown's Battleground) Mobile is one of the most downloaded and played game since most recent 2 years. Pubg Mobile is about online multiplayer battle game in which the last one standing successes with the title Winner Chicken Dinner. So why it is adored by individuals huge numbers of you are thinking here is the appropriate response that it is cherished by individuals in light of its reasonable illustrations and smooth game play . Be that as it may, this isn't the subject of today the principle subject of today is about PUBG Mobile Hack. So here we are bringing you 100% safe and we are taking assurance that your id won't get boycott on the off chance that you utilize this pubg mod obb that we are giving. No outsider boycott, no compelling reason to root your gadget, no esp or virtual. It is working straightforwardly without utilizing any outsider applications. Thiss PUBG Mobile Hack that we are providing is 100% safe to use. We are providing you the mod obb file for PUBG Mobile in which you can use your original ID even I am using and reached Ace star 9 and soon will reach conqueror. You don’t need to install any third party application like virtual or esp or any third party which can be detected by PUBG and your account got banned. This pubg mobile mod obb is available for Korean and Global Version. So if you use Korea version of pubg mobile then you can download korea version obb and if you are global version player then download obb of Global Pubg Mobile. Features of PUBG Hack Mod Data: You may have played Pubg versatile hack previously and I am certain you have lost your ID by utilizing hack of PUBG Mobile, once in a while due to outsider or in some cases for some other reasons however in the event that you utilize this form of PUBG Mobile mod obb, at that point your ID won't get restricted and I am taking the assurance, even you can play with your unique ID on the off chance that you need to rank push or increment the KD of your PUBG portable unique ID. So lets talk about PUBG Mobile Hack mod data : PUBG Mobile Mod Data – No Recoil: No recoil means zero recoil you can shoot large distance enemies very easily using your AR gun because of zero recoil in your gun. This hack claims 0% recoil and yes it is true because I have played and I found zero in my gun even in AKM. But for safety reason don’t shoot large distance enemies with AKM otherwise they will report you ID for sure because as we all know spraying with akm for long distance is not easy for all and it have a very high recoil. PUBG Hack Data Mod – Anti-Cheats System Removed:- The developer have removed anti cheats system from the PUBG Mobile Game but don’t use any external hack over this PUBG Mobile hack because your ID might get banned otherwise if you don’t use any other external hacks then your ID will not get banned for sure, even I am playing with my original ID. PUBG Mobile Lua Script hacks: For people who don't know what LUA Script is Lua is a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications. It can be used to hack android games and many pc games as well. Its an easy language and anyone with basic programming knowledge can make hacks for PUBG. This is a mod apk hack and its working with the latest update. Is this Hack available for both Global Version and Korea Version of PUBG Mobile: Yes, this PUBG Mobile Hack is available for both Global Version and Korea Version of PUBG Mobile but you have to change from "com.tencent.ig" to their package name. Pubg Mobile Mod Data Features Pubg mobile Mod contain following features: No Recoil Aim Bot Head Shot Magic Bullet How to Use Extract Files First Now copy com.tencent.ig" folder it to "Android/data/" Now Enjoy Hack for Global Version . If you want it for other Version then change "com.tencent.ig" to their own package name Download com.tencent.ig.zip
  7. Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted & Non-Rooted Non rooted are less safe than Rooted VPN (Use Only this VPN) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.haxor.gamingvpn Download Host: pubgleak VipHOst v2.txt Join Your telegram for Instant Update: http://t.me/rmgaming Other Links : Script: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/forum/7-scripts/ Game Gaurdian: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/616-game-guardian-for-vmos/ GFX Tool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gfx.gfx.graphicstools Avoid To Read: What is AntiBan Host File? Antiban Host is a file used to hack PUBG Mobile. You need a Strange VPN to change the host to the antiban host so there will be no more ban from PUBG MOBILE. Everyone nowadays Hack Online Game using Game Guardian and make their account got banned from the server so you will require to change your host to Anti-Ban Host that will show you legal user, not a hacker. Our Team has successfully tested all the files on their device and everything is working fine we have played more than 20+ matches without getting facing any banning issue. Firstly, you need to understand the concept of banning. Here’s what it is. What is Banning For PUBG MOBILE? Anti ban host file download Banning is known as a time period until which you cannot access or play a game. This usually happens when you try to tweak or hack any kind of online games such as PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, etc. These online game companies usually banned this activity for years. Therefore, the safest way to hack or tweak online games or services is to use a good VPN and a great Anti-ban host file combo. What is Anti Ban Host APK? Anti Ban Host APK is used to download the latest host files for hacking Pubg mobile which is not available right now but soon it will be available here you can download in just one click. What is an AntiBanned Host? Anti banned Host is a host file used by strange VPN to create a custom host file that is used to hack or try latest scripts on PUBG MOBILE. What is Pubg Antiban Script? Pubg Anti Ban Script is used, in-game guardian app so you can change the script and easily use the anti-ban feature in Pubg mobile Why use AntiBan Host File? The anti ban host file is a barrier between the gaming server and your phone. The work this file do is, it does not let the server know about what is happening on the other hand. This decreases the chances of getting banned to a minimum and the gaming server treats the game as normal. This can definitely help you to get an edge over your friends while playing. Another great advantage is you can save your lovely IP address to get blacklisted on a number of sites. As you might have noticed that a lot of online services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram blacklist some of the IP addresses on their database. Which can hit you hard when sometimes you forget the password for Facebook and want to connect your PUBG Mobile with it. The overall solution is using a Strange VPN along with this Anti-ban host file. I’ll leave a full-blown tutorial on setting up and using this file somewhere in the middle of this article. So make sure to read it fully and carefully. Because if this is not implemented correctly, there are chances of facing a risky slab. Key Features of AntiBan Host: Free of cost✌ Fast Servers🐱‍🏍 No More Ban⚔ Fully Secure🔒 Support All Host Changer. (Recommended Strange VPN) Support ipv4 and ipv6🌏 Exited with the features? Now let us see the version info of this useful file/tool.
  8. TO avoid 10min Ban Use Following SH. DOwnload: Sh Script: protect(1).sh SH Executor: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kpkdev.scriptexecutor Run SH Executor or MT Manger: OPen Sh Script on that and Enjoy.
  9. Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted but not Tested on NonRooted. VPN + InApp Donation : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KPKdevs.Vhosts Download Host: Host v1.1.txt You can also Donate Us within app to support us. Other Links : Script: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/637-pubg-015-vip-script/ Virtual Space: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/663-virtual-space/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To use : 1. Downlaod VPN. 2.Select Host with app. For Non Rooted: 3.Open Virtual Space 4. Open GG 5. Open PUBG and Enjoy For Rooted: 3. Open GG 4. Open PUBG and Enjoy Note : Don't Forget To hide GG within app. CrediT:@Groot If someone still getting 10min use Data/WIfi ON/OFF Trick Tutorial:
  10. New Virtual Space Support All Latest Android Version. You can use this virtual space to use dual apps like Messenger, Whatsapp etc. Virtual_Mod_V3.apk
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