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Found 14 results

  1. Today Special : In this post you will have complete method how to create libs. All Channel are selling Pubg Scripts and Pubg Libs . So finally here is the auto libs creation mehtod for Pubg Mobile . This method will automatically create libs for all Pubg Version . Just One Click to create all Game libs . Using this method you will have: 👉Global Libs 👉Taiwan Libs 👉Vietnam Libs and more version. Just Download zip file and follow Method in video to create Pubg Libs. Lib Creation.zip Tutorial: 4_5796539316389807654.mp4 Mt Manager: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/766-mt-manger-paid/
  2. https://gplinks.co/vggFeI1 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 Visit link, continue and verify captcha, and download apk from site. Rename obb folder 📂 com.tencent.kr to any name, and rename data folder also. Then Uninstall PUBG app you have previously Installed on your device. And Install the above 👆🏻 one. After that backup name to com.tencent.kr of both folders. Ask me if any problems
  3. SorpionKING Super.luaSuper.lua this one is script excute after memory Hack script in lobby Host_V2.txt this one is host for sefety, use with host loader 🦂ScorpionKING🦂.luamemory anti ban script VIRTUAŁ For All PUBG.apkVirtual Space For All Pubg Version game_patch_0.18.0.12604.pakReplace In Pak Files Folder Any Issues, ask me game_patch_0.18.0.12601.pak game_patch_0.18.0.12606.pak
  4. Pubg Mobile ESP 0.17 KR ESP Root and Non Rooted You can use it without any issue it will show all Player Box Nearby. We have tested it and working fine on different devices you must give it try. HOW TO USE: Install APK Run app and Enter Password Enjoy 😑First telling you guys, this Esp is not for noobs😑 Password:@GhostNinjaMods Download: Esp Kr v2.apk
  5. New Hack Injector Sika Injector Root Pubg Hack Injector with updated value working fully tested. 👉On Click Active . 👉No more Delay 👉Contain All Hack 👉According to Sika They said it contain ANTIBAN(We recommend to use your own AntiBan files) 👉Updated working on Pubg 0.17 👉This Injector contain all hack . 👉It works on Both Root and Non Rooted User 👉Just One Click Hack Activated. Download File: INJECTOR ROOT V5.apk Password:@sika11 Info: What really is injector ? Injector is app used as an alternate of Game Gaurdian and its script . As in Game Gaurdian you must have script to inject hack but in this no script is required you can directly activate any hack. Is it better than GG: No but have some benefits over GG like in Game Gaurdian the process of hacking activation is little bit slow while injector is activated within few seconds . While all these hacks value can be only find through GameGaurdian.
  6. PMC VIP Cracked PUBG MOBILE How to Use this Method: ✔ Run MT Manager ✔ Extract File anywhere ✔ Start before the game.sh ✔Enjoy Hack ✔ In lobby activate Antiban.lua ✔After Game Ends Run beforetheGame.sh ESP: https://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/1187-pubg-mobile-esp-017-esp-root-and-non-rooted / Game Gaurdian: https://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/1233-game-gaurdian-modded / Download: ПМЦХУЙНЯ.zip Tutorial:
  7. PUBG Mobile Vip Paid Hack For 0.17 How To Use: ✔ Extract File Anywhere ✔ First create backup of Original Data " Android/data/com.tencent.ig" ✔ Then delete or move original files ✔ Now Copy modded "com.tencent.ig " if you are using global Version or Korean Version data ✔ Copy to Android/data/ ✔ Now Run Vpn and load Host till Lobby ✔ Run antiban Script in Lobby ✔ Enjoy Hacks Download: S12 V2.zip Host LOADER: https://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/1094-groot-host-loader/ Game Gaurdian: https://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/616-game-guardian-for-vmos/ Tutorial:
  8. Pubg Mobile ESP 0.17 by Chinese You can use it without any issue it will show all Player Box Nearby. We have tested it and working fine on different devices you must give it try. HOW TO USE: Use must your antiban Security or you will face data has been changed. For Global use these to avoid Ban: https://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/1116-pubg-017-hack-vip-updated-heat-issue-fixed/ Now Open App and turn On ESP of your choice. Download: CHINESE-ESP.apk Now Enjoy ESP . Since the PUBG mobile phone has become the most popular among Indians, it has widely spread its wings worldwide. The Indian gaming community is growing dramatically, and people have started learning about shooting games, online games and other things. Once the game touched the hearts of the Indians, many Indian Youtubers demonstrated their PUBG skills. Your familiar list; Dynamo games, Kronton games, Mortal, etc. Disclaimer Before you start reading the thread. I am not responsible for any damage to your computer / laptop. This topic is for educational purposes only. So I recommend against using it. PUBG mobile Emulator: Keeping all these things aside, people playing on emulators are more often hackers. They use ESP ,No recoil, Jump Hack , Speed hack and they do it without any fear because the hack they are using is external and doesn't modify any game files which means you can simply hack and game mode will never know that you are cheating unlike PUBG PC hacking in the PC version leads to direct ban that is because its a PC game, not an emulator. In simple terms, an emulator is another piece of software based on another operating system that runs on another operating system. Again, we run android on the computer. Advantages of the simulator: People who play games on the simulator have many advantages over mobile game consoles, because simulator players can use the keyboard and mouse to play the game, which improves the goal precisely. Aside from all these things, people who play games on the simulator are usually hackers. They use ESP hack, Aim Hack, No Recoil Hack, and they have no fear because the hack they use is external and does not modify any game files, which means you can simply hack and the game mode will never know You are cheating. Unlike PUBG PC, hacking in PC version will result in direct ban because it is a PC game, not an emulator. Is it possible for PUBG Mobile to cheat? Yes, you can use mods to cheat in this game, such as aimbots, improved targeting aids, wallhacks to see enemies through walls, macros, other cheating apps or modified game clients for Android and iOS. However, there are no hacks or online generator tools for unlimited BP / combat points, unlimited UC, crates, items, god mode, etc. PUBG Mobile Simulator is an online multiplayer shooting game. Your saved games are stored on a game server belonging to Tencent Games and cannot be modified. How to hack a PUBG simulator PC? First, you need to download the PUBG Emulator Aimbot hack for PC from below (if needed) You must then run the pubg mobile simulator game loop hack before you can run pubg mobile on the game loop simulator. After that, open the game loop and launch PUBG Mobile. Wallhack: Using a wall hacker allows players to see enemies, items, supplies, Didi, cars, and other important game items through the wall, making it easier for them to plunder, find or avoid players, and survive longer, so you can get more More experience. , Rewards, Bp and snatch boxes. Wallhack on your phone almost always comes in the form of a modified APK or iOS mod, which means that the code on the game client has been modified to show you enemies and items by default. – However, since the current situation is in 2019, there are not enough programmers skilled enough to make ultra-sensory cheating for mobile games, which means that it is really rare to be able to download PUBG Mobile wallhack for free. However, if you do have an assault rifle, it will greatly increase your survival rate in the game because you will know where to rob the first assault rifle, so it is more likely to survive the first minute after landing on the map . Overall, wallhacks are almost the most interesting one in the PUBG mobile version, because they will not reduce the fun or challenge of the game, and they will not annoy other players. This means that the possibility of using hacks is very small, or even no does not exist. Hacker on the wall. Quick Attack: Speed Hack in Pubg Mobile allows players to move faster than usual. This is useful for easy access to areas without damaging any areas. It helps to run faster and smoother. God view: God View in PUBG Hack is a special feature. It allows players to watch every player in the game from the highest angle without any harm. It helps to find enemies and helps kill them. Is it safe to use the PUBG simulator Aimbot ESP Hack? No, it is not safe to use the PUBG simulator Aimbot ESP Hack, because PUBG is an online multiplayer game, not every player hacks in the game. If you find cheating on a pubg phone. The player then reports to you that you will be suspended for 10 years in the pubg mobile simulator This app is specially designed ESP for pubg Mobile using this Esp you will have all Pubg Mobile Player location and you will enjoy free antiban hack free. Pubg Mobile Esp hack will give you location of nearby enemies.
  9. Pubg Mobile NoGrass Safe Hack ✔Easy and Safe Hack to Use. ✔No Ban Tested By Many Users ✔No Host Required ✔No Script Required ✔No GG ✔No VPN ✔Just One Click ✔Enjoy Download: PUBG NO GRASS IRAQ.apk Using this app you can remove grass from pubg Mobile with no extra script or host file only single apk is required to remove grass from game. This apk is for pubg global as well as Pubg Korean Version . Just download apk From above and enjoy no Grass Hack
  10. Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted & Non-Rooted Non rooted are less safe than Rooted VPN (Use Only this VPN) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=best.changer.hosts.changer Download Host: X - Host V40-Korea.txt Join Your telegram for Instant Update: http://t.me/rmgaming Other Links : Script: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/forum/7-scripts/ Game Gaurdian: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/616-game-guardian-for-vmos/ GFX Tool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gfx.gfx.graphicstools Avoid To Read: What is AntiBan Host File? Antiban Host is a file used to hack PUBG Mobile. You need a Strange VPN to change the host to the antiban host so there will be no more ban from PUBG MOBILE. Everyone nowadays Hack Online Game using Game Guardian and make their account got banned from the server so you will require to change your host to Anti-Ban Host that will show you legal user, not a hacker. Our Team has successfully tested all the files on their device and everything is working fine we have played more than 20+ matches without getting facing any banning issue. Firstly, you need to understand the concept of banning. Here’s what it is. What is Banning For PUBG MOBILE? Anti ban host file download Banning is known as a time period until which you cannot access or play a game. This usually happens when you try to tweak or hack any kind of online games such as PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, etc. These online game companies usually banned this activity for years. Therefore, the safest way to hack or tweak online games or services is to use a good VPN and a great Anti-ban host file combo. What is Anti Ban Host APK? Anti Ban Host APK is used to download the latest host files for hacking Pubg mobile which is not available right now but soon it will be available here you can download in just one click. What is an AntiBanned Host? Anti banned Host is a host file used by strange VPN to create a custom host file that is used to hack or try latest scripts on PUBG MOBILE. What is Pubg Antiban Script? Pubg Anti Ban Script is used, in-game guardian app so you can change the script and easily use the anti-ban feature in Pubg mobile Why use AntiBan Host File? The anti ban host file is a barrier between the gaming server and your phone. The work this file do is, it does not let the server know about what is happening on the other hand. This decreases the chances of getting banned to a minimum and the gaming server treats the game as normal. This can definitely help you to get an edge over your friends while playing. Another great advantage is you can save your lovely IP address to get blacklisted on a number of sites. As you might have noticed that a lot of online services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram blacklist some of the IP addresses on their database. Which can hit you hard when sometimes you forget the password for Facebook and want to connect your PUBG Mobile with it. The overall solution is using a Strange VPN along with this Anti-ban host file. I’ll leave a full-blown tutorial on setting up and using this file somewhere in the middle of this article. So make sure to read it fully and carefully. Because if this is not implemented correctly, there are chances of facing a risky slab. Key Features of AntiBan Host: Free of cost✌ Fast Servers🐱‍🏍 No More Ban⚔ Fully Secure🔒 Support All Host Changer. (Recommended Strange VPN) Support ipv4 and ipv6🌏 Exited with the features? Now let us see the version info of this useful file/tool.
  11. 👉New injector For Pubg Mobile . 👉This Injector contain all hack . 👉It works on Both Root and Non Rooted User 👉Just One Click Hack Activated. Download File: PUBG KILLER[MM V1.0]_1.0.1 (2).apk OR SS Fam [1.2].apk Steps to Use:- • Apply Antiban and start PUBG. • Go to lobby and then minimise Game. • Open Injector and choose mode of pubg(Global/Vitname/Korea/Taiwan) • Click Injector. • Apply hacks from injector. Special Note : please wait atleast 5-10 sec for applying hacks otherwise injector will give you crash. Disclaimer:- DON'T USE WITHOUT PROTECTION IT'S INJECTOR NOT ANTIBAN. ? -We are not responsible for any kind of ban because of cheating. -This file is provided free of cost, so please don't sell, remodify.
  12. HI GUYS THIS from Russia Today I'm gonna show you how to bypass emulator detected pubg mobile 0.16.5 , SEASON 11 with this easy method , no ban ON PHOENIX OS NOTE : In this video you will see How to bypass emulator detected pubg mobile 0.16.0 , BUT the same trick works for 0.16.5 with same files and steps.
  13. PROJECT_D First Time Execute from 1-7 while in second time just execute 7 after running pubg DOWNLOAD TERMUX AND GIVE ROOT PERMISSION THEN👇 1. apt update 2. apt upgrade 3. pkg install git 4. 5. mv /data/data/com.termux/files/home/PROJECT-D/PROJECT-D /data/data/com.termux/files/home/PROJECT_D 6. Run Pubg then type in Termux again tsudo chmod 755 PROJECT_D 7. tsudo ./PROJECT_D IN SECOND TIME JUST Execute 👉 tsudo ./PROJECT_D CREDIT @CHINAPUBGMOBILEHACKS
  14. after long time i wasn't able.to post coz work now i have collected full leaked files that enough to get u safe File containing: lib,script,patcher,GG Thnx for Mr.noob for script. Leak file of fireOnGaming. links all in one: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bupozmbusw3qikc/MmoLeakMix.zip/file lib password:L@ND spector trick: For more safe. how to Use: I have been testing for 2days its almost safe. But am none rooted so i get ban after reach rank plat. None root don't use any more coz all virtual has been detected . All video about none root hacks or vip hacks is lies coz virtual edit PUBG packed name with virtual name that lead ban for none rooted . Rooted use original package name that why they dont get ban always.and most safe. I don't sell or receiving anything from anyone. Even my channel have low subscribe so i dont get YouTube rewards. So dont be stuiped and play as Spector. Again none root always ban !after detection system upgrade on official PUBG MOBILE page! Rooted give me ur result!!!
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