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Found 3 results

  1. Pubg Mobile 0.16.5 Hack by ShopGenie Step wise instructions: 1. Extract the ShopGenie any Version file to emulated/0 2. Backup your emulated/0/android/data/com.tencent.ig folder and delete the original folder and run pubg once, till the notification for 140mb shows up and now copy the controls settings from your backup (like my backup is in shareit folder) to the mod folder in the emulated/0/shopgenie folder... You have to do this once after extraction... From next time you will simply need to run ShopGenie.sh file and host... //Perform next 2 steps (step 3 and 4) if you want to run the shell file with termux app otherwise simply execute older(v1) ShopGenie.sh with my manager// 3. Copy the older (v1) ShopGenie.sh to system/bin And to data/data/com.termux/files/home 4. Open termux. Type: su (You need to provide root permission to termux for this action: to do so type tsu and let it complete the actions and allow superuser rights when it will ask) Now, type: sh ShopGenie.sh 5. Make sure you have deleted .backups file and Tencent folder from emulated/0 6.Login in pubg and when in lobby, open host loader and turn on the host. Drop down notification bar and slide down the termux notification and click on acquire wakelock 7. After waiting for >10 seconds, run the antiban script with the latest Game Guardian 8.Enjoy Hacks Download v2: ShopGenie V2.zip190.34 MB · 6 downloads Download v3: ShopGenie.zip193.98 MB · 7 downloads Tutorial: Credit:@ShopGenie Now Hacking Pubg Mobile is very difficult on PUBG 0.16.5 latest Update . So if you still want to hack Pubg Mobile you must have to use modded data as given Above . Download Modded data and all other files that are required to Hack Pubg Mobile. All the required steps are described above read and follow them to enjoy hacks. In above we have uploaded two version of HackGenie to Hack Pubg Mobile free without any payment. You can try any version both are working fine . You can use both MT Manger or Termux both are used to executed that shell script. If you still have any issue kindly leave your comment below we will respond you soon to resolve any sort of issue.
  2. Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted & Non-Rooted Non rooted are less safe than Rooted You must use Data On/Off to Avoid 10 min Ban VPN (Use Only this VPN) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=best.changer.hosts.changer Download Host: sxript.txt Credit:@TeamZone Join Your telegram for Instant Update: Telegram: http://t.me/rmgaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pubgleaks/ Other Links : Script: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/forum/7-scripts/ Game Gaurdian: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/616-game-guardian-for-vmos/ GFX Tool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gfx.gfx.graphicstools This host is from Telegram User and is tested on few game. Try first on guest to make your self secure. Tutorial: Avoid To Read: What is AntiBan Host File? Antiban Host is a file used to hack PUBG Mobile. You need a Strange VPN to change the host to the antiban host so there will be no more ban from PUBG MOBILE. Everyone nowadays Hack Online Game using Game Guardian and make their account got banned from the server so you will require to change your host to Anti-Ban Host that will show you legal user, not a hacker. Our Team has successfully tested all the files on their device and everything is working fine we have played more than 20+ matches without getting facing any banning issue. Firstly, you need to understand the concept of banning. Here’s what it is. What is Banning For PUBG MOBILE? Anti ban host file download Banning is known as a time period until which you cannot access or play a game. This usually happens when you try to tweak or hack any kind of online games such as PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, etc. These online game companies usually banned this activity for years. Therefore, the safest way to hack or tweak online games or services is to use a good VPN and a great Anti-ban host file combo. What is Anti Ban Host APK? Anti Ban Host APK is used to download the latest host files for hacking Pubg mobile which is not available right now but soon it will be available here you can download in just one click. What is an AntiBanned Host? Anti banned Host is a host file used by strange VPN to create a custom host file that is used to hack or try latest scripts on PUBG MOBILE. What is Pubg Antiban Script? Pubg Anti Ban Script is used, in-game guardian app so you can change the script and easily use the anti-ban feature in Pubg mobile Why use AntiBan Host File? The anti ban host file is a barrier between the gaming server and your phone. The work this file do is, it does not let the server know about what is happening on the other hand. This decreases the chances of getting banned to a minimum and the gaming server treats the game as normal. This can definitely help you to get an edge over your friends while playing. Another great advantage is you can save your lovely IP address to get blacklisted on a number of sites. As you might have noticed that a lot of online services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram blacklist some of the IP addresses on their database. Which can hit you hard when sometimes you forget the password for Facebook and want to connect your PUBG Mobile with it. The overall solution is using a Strange VPN along with this Anti-ban host file. I’ll leave a full-blown tutorial on setting up and using this file somewhere in the middle of this article. So make sure to read it fully and carefully. Because if this is not implemented correctly, there are chances of facing a risky slab. Key Features of AntiBan Host: Free of cost✌ Fast Servers🐱‍🏍 No More Ban⚔ Fully Secure🔒 Support All Host Changer. (Recommended Strange VPN) Support ipv4 and ipv6🌏 Exited with the features? Now let us see the version info of this useful file/tool.
  3. Today Host Working Perfect For Rooted & Non-Rooted Non rooted are less safe than Rooted VPN (Use Only this VPN) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.haxor.gamingvpn Download Host: pubgleak.com full vip looped host.txt Join Your telegram for Instant Update: http://t.me/rmgaming Other Links : Script: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/forum/7-scripts/ Game Gaurdian: http://pubgleak.com/index.php?/topic/616-game-guardian-for-vmos/ GFX Tool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gfx.gfx.graphicstools
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