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Found 1 result

  1. Cuties : Netflix was accused in Texas of containing obscene children's photos of the film Cutees. In some scenes in the movie, young girls perform provokingly, the indictment follow the controversious reaction of conservatory classes. A grand jury in Tyler County, Texas has charged Netflix with the crime law passed in 2018, "Promotion Of Lewd Visual Matrix Depicting A Infant." The prosecution alleges the film "represents a lewd display of the genius or pubic region of a clothed or partially clothinged boy, younger than 18 at the time the visual material was made," by Cuties, a group of young girls who form a dance troupe, according to the study. The filing also claimed that the content "invokes the prurgent interest in sex and has no serious, literary, creative, political or science value. "(Netflix was summoned on the 1st of October with the co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos Ind, respectively) The film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival where it was netted director and writer Maïmouna Doucoure of the Sundance Global Filmmaking Award. A Netflixt speaker tells The Verge that "cuties is a psychological commentary on the sexualization of young girls" and the organisation denies the logic behind the charges. Saputo said, "It's ridiculous — the public prosecutor feels that he knows better than the Sundance jurors. At its premiere at Netflix a few weeks ago, Cuties was trapped in a maelstrom of controversy. The French film criticises the sexualisation of girls by society and follows a Senegalese girl of 11 years who rebels her stern parents by joining a dance troupe. Cuties uses sequences that leave the viewer anxious, as the lack of childhood innocence is discussed by Doucouré. Film critics applauded Doucouré and Cuties for their childhood approach, but the film was described as unwelcome by prominent conservationists, QAnon conspiracy theorists and parent groups. Since the prohibition of children's lewd materials extends to those younger than 18 years of age, Saputo maintained that according to the definition of law juveniles who dance on Instagraph and TikTok could be considered to encourage lewd children's representations. Since the act was passed in 2018, he has never had a customer or heard of an accused customer and "There is, I suppose, no lawyer who needs to appeal." The condition of Netflix's, he said, is another storey. Saputo claims that the District Attorney's office would actually already accept the case if the lawyers go ahead with it. "Netflix will have to recruit a public lawyer to find critic that the film is theatre," says Saputo. "It isn't going to be hard." Spoilers ahead Caught in its own contradictory thesis on sexualization, the film can find no satisfactory conclusion. In the middle of a dance contest, suddenly shocked and embarrassed by her behaviour, Amy flees the stage and returns home where her mother is getting ready for her husband’s second marriage. They reconcile as the mother gathers her dignity and leaves for the wedding in her most glorious Senegalese attire. Amy stays behind and, now dressed in skinny jeans and crew top, she joins a game of skip rope in the apartment quad. We are to believe that she has somehow freed herself from both oppressive and excessive sexuality by adopting normcore fashion. Sexualization distracts focus from the convergence of social organisations which place contradictory demands on young people, transform social issues into personality problems, stigmatise women's sexual gratification and disregard men's and boys' own concerns about their similarly abusive sexual norms. Racist and narrow definitions of sexuality Sexualization was introduced in 1975 by psychologist Graham B. Spanier to define the development of gender identity and sexual attitudes. Thirty years later, the American Psychological Association (APA) helped make the concept the dominant framework for any discussion of adolescent sexual development through their Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls. The APA established an oppositional relationship between sexualization and “healthy sexuality, [which] fosters intimacy, bonding and shared pleasure, and involves mutual respect between consenting partners.” Although this could sound good in the first place, the only paradigm for 'santé' sexuality is the unequivocal acceptation of monogamous, romantically heteronormative. In comparison, it overemphasises the negative impact of the media while avoiding negative sexual debate in religious, schooling, medicine or the social family. For example , religious purity morals or sex training programmes which focus on danger rather than enjoyment and marginalise 2LGBTQ+ identities are not considered. It does not deal with patriarchal drugs or parents who are unable or unable to speak to their children about sex
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