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  1. BloodyAce

    Cod mobile

    Would u add host and antiban script also? Banwave in cod is so high
  2. Cod defense program is so high and not easy to hack it coz u get detected even with sharpshooter. Am gona try it soon.
  3. Tested for 3 days tell rank ace. Worked fine until today. Maybe ban wave started stay alert ⚠
  4. Edit Android 10 virtual? Yes Do u need host? Yes coz ban 10min only We need something for 10min ban like host file but this hack is awesome.
  5. I tested it it's work fine but some time keep lagging in hack. Maybe coz virtual. Rooted will be more safe with hacks
  6. Did it show how they far or just when scope is available? I had esp with everything shown but its been detected fast.
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