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  1. yes. I think that all hack here aren't perfect. Only topic for views.
  2. Thanks for introducing me to the hacks. Soon I root on a Samsug Galaxy S7 phone, so I can and want to install hacks. I want to clarify that I don't want to use hacks to get a 30 k / D or get to conqueror, otherwise I would be banned on the first report. I mainly want to understand where the enemies are, and then during a game (if possible) activate automatic targeting or other aids if necessary. But if I have to be killed, I will get killed, because I don't want to compromise my account. "Create new account try to rank push using second ID if using esp can use that account for many matches." This part is not clear to me. You tell me to make a new account, okay okay, but what does the second account have to do with it? (it would be my main one, which I have been using for 7 seasons) What are "ESP hack"? but it's all free, isn't it?
  3. Hello guys. Out of curiosity I would like to try the hacks of this game, but I have never done any of this. I notice that there are many downloads, hosts, libraries, but I'm in confusion. Does this mean that there are several ways to hack the game? Which one do you recommend to use? And if the hacks don't work anymore, what do I do? How do I understand it? Can you tell me what to do and which to use. Bear in mind that I won't always use them all, otherwise the ban is behind the door. I'm only interested in understanding where the enemies are. If I use automatic aiming, there is no more fun. Can you give me a guide on how to do it on Android Samsung S7? Thanks so much for your help. I want try it on Android Samsung Galaxy S7 (now not rooted, but i can root it if necessary). Thanks for explain and help me. Quote
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