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  1. I have one hack plz explain how to use this Those who vote "yes plz we want test it😘" ⛔REMEMBER⛔MAIN ACCOUNT NOT SAFE⛔ ROOT,NONROOTED ☑️ KOREAN ☑️ GLOBAL ☑️ VIETNAM ☑️ THAIWAN ALL WORKING 😂 IF SOMEONE DON'T WORK WALL HACK AND COLLOUR HACK USE YOUR SCRIPT BUT 1ST USE THIS SCRIPT STEP 01 STEP 02 IN THIS SCRIPT HAVE 🎯 WALL HACK 🎯 GREEN COLLOUR 🎯 LESSRECOILE 🎯 BRUTAL MAGIC BULLET 🎯 BRUTAL AIMBOT 🎯 MICRO SPEED DON'T USE ANY OTHER HACK. ⭕HOW TO USE 01 DOWNLOAD Free All 18.00.zip 02 Unzip and Coppy all files in pak folder and past it to the orginal pak folder [NOTE:EVERYTIMES DO IT OR CHECK IT] 03 open game and Run Script 04 Apply in lobby Step 01 SteP 02 Creator @Platinmodcom Suporter @AMMARHACKER FEEL FREE TO FEED BACK.😘 AND FREE USER'S DON'T HAVE MONEY BUT I THINK YOU CAN SHARE😐 @yeswilldoit_bot
  2. Can i used this? My device is non rooted plz reply
  3. 0.18 Latest Update No Grass Pak File Need plz give me Tested File If You have sorry For My Bad English Thanks In Advance
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