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  1. There's same file. I can't utilize virtual Lion on my s6 galaxytab lite.forsome reason my galaxy s8 runs the virtual.
  2. I just can't see the hacks I click start and a game opens but I don't see no menu... I'm not rooted btw
  3. It Pushes me out on regular GG. Cannot use the Pak GG Cause it doesnt allour 32 bit processes in 64 bit svirtual spaces
  4. Yes we need more detail bro, NO offense but this thing in Pak Not understandable for many people. thank You for being so nice
  5. Now is working thanks so the host only allow you to play in erangel right? Cause is difficult to download maps with 360ms of latency
  6. I dont know why (maybe im making something wrong...) but when i turn on the host thru "host blocker" or "host changer" the game is not starting because of conection issues. Like there was no conection at all after turning on the host
  7. Hi thank you! Im stucked in the crashing state... because im using parallel space since "pubg no root" isnt letting me clone apps
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