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  1. Similarly, iOS users can perform the sonnerie telephone same operation by tapping the music or text icon.
  2. There are a number of other free solutions to cut your audio files. These include apps like Libsyn and Music Editor, which can help you cut out the good parts of your music and convert them into a ringtone. Other free options include 4Shared and YouTube. Finally, you can use an app like ringtone maker to easily create a custom ringtone. This app comes with a built-in file browser, so you can search for any audio file you might have. And, once you've selected a track, you can change its length and volume. As a bonus, you can add it to the appropriate ringtones folder on your phone. Although a ringtone is not as useful as a flashlight, it does have some advantages. It's a clever feat of computer magic. Additionally, you can use a ringtone to indicate that you are in a meeting or when you need to leave an important meeting on time. Also, if you are a fan of classical music, you will appreciate that a ringtone composed by famous composers can have a timeless quality.
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